12 November 2008

The Name Game

So, at work I have acquired a few names...

My supervisor thinks I go by "Nicki." I have never gone by that, never, but she is so sweet that I don't have the heart to correct her. It wouldn't be a problem except that other people are picking up on it, and they probably think I am hard of hearing because when they say my "name" and I don't turn around until the third time, it is just a little weird. I respond "oh, hi." Like I am surprised they are talking to me, this only happens in front of my supervisor, and like I said, she's just so sweet.

Also, people are always so entertained by my first and last name, you know Anna... I think every person thinks they are the first to point that out to me. Oh dear.

And, one of the trainers calls me "Winnie" from Wonder Years. I haven't got that one for awhile. He is the same guy that said when he was growing up he was in love with two women, "the lady from The Sound of Music" and "Mary Poppins." He was shocked when I told him it was the same woman. He honestly never knew. Funny.

Lastly, I was called "Smarty Pants," I hadn't heard that, well ever. My trainer thought he was pretty clever.

*I googled "smarty pants" and the image above was one of my options.


Our growing family said...

love it! sorry to hear about the who nikki thing though!

Stefanie said...

Too funny, Nikki! :) What do you mean about "anna" though?

Allie Watson said...

What?! No "Joey from Dawson's Creek"? Crazy. My personal favorite is nickel :) Ugh...never Nikki. HELLO STEFANIE Anna Nicole Smith. LOL

Nicolette Kay said...

I get called Nicole all the time and I have never, ever been called Nicole. I know whatcha mean.

Love ya!

Nicki, not nicole.