05 March 2009

Kelly will probably laugh when he discovers that I posted this picture, oh well, I like it. It was taken on the top level of the parking garage at The Grove in LA. I've been missing California a little more than usual lately. Probably due to the fact that Kelly and I have been watching season one of Chuck, and it takes place mainly in the Valley, specifically Burbank. We laugh at how the show portrays Burbank's proximity to things, the characters buzz down to the "Marina," Marina del Rey, or they hop on over to the pier in Santa Monica. This simply would not happen, it was a good 45 minutes to the pier and an hour to the marina. I think the only reason I am writing this is to remind myself that the LA as pictured on tv, just simply doesn't exist. Looks like I will hunker down in the hail, snow, grey clouded, but friend and family filled state of WA. Where, I really can just buzz over to the water.

On another Chuck note, I think the main character is a cross between John Krasinski and Adam Brody.


e said...

a cross between john krasinski and adam brody?!

i think my heart just stopped.

perhaps my next hollywood boyfriend should be zachary levi? hm. i'll keep an eye out for him this weekend and next.


Linds said...

kelly looks so handsome... he's like montana man meets boy next door.. meets LA posh. strike a pose. :)

FYI - my word varification for this comment is "chazos," which made me smile... its like "chaos" with an extra zest to it. ha, sounds like my life.. :)

Linds said...