04 April 2009

Free Xbox???

I was shopping around for an Xbox 360 Pro. I was dabbling on ebay when I stumbled across an add for a "free" Xbox. Of course I was 100% not interested and assumed the link would lead to a scam. Then, as I started googling/shopping around I kept seeing comments about the same "free" offer. So, I did a little additional research, and although I am far far from convinced, I am curious...
After poking around on the internet I ended up signing up on this website.

The concept is as follows:
1. I register on said website...
2. Complete one "offer" from one of the advertising companies. I picked emusic.com I signed up for One Month, paying $11.99, and with my 50 bonus songs I will get a total of 80 songs.
3. I have to get 11 "referrals," people to do the same register and complete one offer (some are cheaper and others more expensive than emusic).
4. Then supposedly I will receive an Xbox 360 Elite.

I figure worse case scenario I pay $11.99 for 80 songs and end up getting nothing but a bunch of extra junk mail, and simply laugh at myself for falling prey to the scam. Best case scenario I get the songs and an Xbox.

My super professional and reliable "research" included the following:
Random College Kid Video
Trainn Tutorial Video
News Stations "confirming" freebie sites are legit

I did this a couple of days ago and my credit card has not been charged anything except for the 11.99, I am hoping it stays that way. The link to the website is also the link to be a referral, so if you are curious please don't hesitate to be a referral, or please feel free to pass it along. I will post if I get 11 referrals and will post if anything actually happens.

The part of me that thinks this has any bit of potential of being real, is because I could see how companies (like emusic) would pay a large sum (to companies like Trainn that are running the "free" site) to get the referrals. I wouldn't have signed up for emusic without the Xbox site and if I like it I may keep the subscription. There are other "offers," like netflix and book clubs and a lot of ongoing things that people tend to forget they signed up for, so companies make a ton off of people who are going after a "free" product.

Anyway, I will post any results.
Thanks :)


e said...

well, i did this once to get a $10 urban outfitters gift card by getting 10 people to sign up for this online shopping newsletter...to my surprise it worked. i also went through fandango to get a free movie ticket (worth $10) by signing up for a free trial at blockbuster.com which i then cancelled before they charged me.

so they're not all scams! of course neither of those was worth as much as an xbox.


Melissa said...

That sounds fabulous if it works! Were you shopping for Kelly's birthday present?
Can't wait to hear the result :)