24 April 2009

Off I go...

Grocery Shop
Ladies Tea at church
Pow Wow
Roast Dinner
more Yoga
$2.00 movie
hmm... looks like this is shaping up to be a mighty fine weekend.
Hope you enjoy yours too!


Robica said...

do you like southland? I watched my dvr'ed episodes this weekend. i liked it, but i found myself observing things they weren't "doing right" as i've learned from rob.

nicole said...

Hey Danica,
This cracked me up because most cop shows are out of the question with us too :) I usually start to notice all of the little things Kelly has told me are not "right," and he finds himself just critiquing the show... But, Kelly's police experience in CA was so very different from up here that he thinks Southland (so far, we haven't watched the latest episode) is portraying what he experienced pretty accurately. He is constantly saying "only in California."

Robica said...

haha! i'm so glad to hear it! i'm glad he thought the show was more on base rather than off base. i will keep watching. Ha-I remember watching it and thinking "hey, that's not how you search a house"..(imagine me shaking my head)