22 May 2009

I want to sue Banana Boat!

I wasn't planning on blogging from Kauai, but after the following picture was taken Kelly said "I think this is blog worthy!" And, boy oh boy was he right! Let me first say, that aside from the following two pictures, we have been having an amazing time. Probably the most relaxing vacation I have ever had, Kelly has declared Kauai his favorite island! And, for those of you who have heard him rave about Maui, you know how huge that is!
Anyway, back to my beef with Banana Boat. So, Kelly and I have been slathering up in SPF 30, so much so that yesterday we picked up a new bottle of sunscreen. We stuck with the usually safe Banana Boat. We opted for the "New Ultra Defense with AVO Triplex." Although I have no idea what AVO Triplex is, evidently it does not agree with Kelly. He has been super disciplined with sunscreen and was slowly changing from white to not so white with NO PINK or red! We both viewed this as quite a success. Then yesterday evening after spending the day frolicking in Kipu Falls and around the island, we noticed that Kelly had a weird rash on his arms and chest. We thought maybe it was from the water??? Then today we noticed his rash was increasing... it finally hit us that it was the sunscreen when after reapplying his rash went wild. At this point his skin was not irritating him at all, and he was not burning at all. But, we headed in and decided to buy a different brand for him. Well, it looks like we were too late... Not only was the sunscreen giving him a rash, but apparently it was not working AT ALL!!! He is a nice even red tone all over! This is almost as bad as last year when I very generously handed out sunscreen to my family while we spent the day playing in the ocean. Later realizing that the sunscreen wasn't water proof. Again, sorry for those of you who burned! I would say that the bottle Kelly was using was defective or expired, but I am just peachy, well more like toasty colored and so it was merely a reaction Kelly had. Well, that was a novel, the pictures speak for themselves but I guess I wanted to add my own lengthy explanation:
The bottle we ran out of was the Target brand "Banana Boat" and it worked like a champ. He is now going to use Hawaiian Tropic, that is when he can be in the sun again!


e said...

So sad...on another note...SO good to hear from you...
GAH. Miss you.
My family has been using Neutrogena with Helioplex and it is pretty amazing! Another one for Kelly to try...someday. It's not greasy AT ALL. You probably don't need it. ;)

Melissa Gullberg said...

I've been checking your blog in hopes that you'd give some sort of update, and here you did :) although it's not the most pleasant update it was good to hear from you!
That's aweful that he had that reaction, yuck! hope it's not hurting to bad...
We'll have to catch up when you get back.

Christy said...

So glad you liked the falls! BUMMER on the sunburn. I hate those burns where the sheets feel like sandpaper. :( Good thing you guys have a few days left for him to recover. Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Stefanie said...

SOOO sorry about Kelly's burn!!! That really sucks! So glad you are having fun though!