09 July 2009

Can't help but smile!

all photos are courtesy of Tiffany and her crazy weekend with these two:

2 high energy little boys + fudgesicles = big mess
2 high energy little boys + fudgesicles + bathtub = brilliance
Pirate Daze!

These two were featured in the local paper and on the local news! People wanted photos taken with the boys and loved them to pieces... can you blame them?!

I certainly can't!


Our growing family said...

Kudos to Tiffany! Brilliant! =)
They ARE adorable!

kel said...

Hey... I was at Pirate Daze! Good times. You weren't there, were you?

nicole said...

Hey Kelly,
I wasn't there, my sister just emailed me pics. That would have been fun to see you, I bet you had two little cutie pirates too!

e said...

they arrrr so cute.
-cheesy e