29 July 2009

I kid you not...

Every single day for the last 2 weeks, I have been asked one of two questions:
1. "Do you have any children?"
2. "When are you going to have children?"
I don't mind people asking, I just can't believe how often I am being asked! I didn't really notice it until our realtor pointed it out. And so I have kind of been keeping a mental tally. I thought today was going to be the exception until I was just asked...
"Are you ever going to be a mother?"
Someday. Not today. But someday :)


e said...

thanks for holding out until I'M ready so my kids will have some friends...i really appreciate it.



Our growing family said...

WOW!!! Are you getting annoyed?? Or just find it hilarious? Maybe both? =) You should seriously come up with some funny answers and share them all with us...especially if you try your answers out on anyone...I would love to hear their response! =)
This could get fun.
hope you are well! =)

klange said...

yep, know what you mean... Apparently to be working at a bible college, married for almost 5 years and buying a second home without children yet was a big faux pas in Dubuque. I got asked allllll the time! We decided to have fun with it and occasionally shocked people with our responses. Wahahaha :)

nicole said...

No problem Erin ;)
Tarena, I'm definitely not annoyed, it makes me kind of happy to know how many people will be excited when we finally do have kids!
Ha ha, good idea Kelsy, I'll let you know if I come up with any fun responses :)