22 July 2009


As I was sitting at my desk typing, talking, and venting away, I just about plopped onto the ground. Seriously without any warning, the wheel on my chair totally snapped off! I was starting to feel the weight of a sit down job creeping up on me, but wowza, how in the world did this happen!?! I was on the phone with my friend Amanda she is my witness, I am headed to her place for dinner right now, I am bringing the wheel.
And, the above picture has nothing to do with my post. But I absolutely love it. It makes me smile in and out. Grandma, you look beautiful! And, you and Papa are the greatest Grandparents in the world. A million other grandparents may have mugs that say they are too, but I know the truth, it's you guys :) The picture was snapped as we were enjoying some fry bread, good company, and the little patch of shade at the pow-wow this weekend. And, the character in the background is quite entertaining too :)

I know negative people are not fun or encouraging to be around, listen to, or even read about. But such is life:

Friday - look at new construction home (again). certain we want it. decide rather than place an offer, to try and stay open minded and look at all of our options first.

Sunday - house hunt. very surprisingly fall in love with a different house. spend 45+ minutes looking at every nook and crany. picture self and Kelly in house. realtor calls listing agent. learn that 1 hour prior, house went from "active" to "subject to inspection." no further offers being taken.

Monday - redecide on new construction. plan to meet with realtor on friday (the next time Kelly and I will be off of work at the same time, for both hands to sign the offer).

Wednesday - new construction house...sold. not to us. talk further with mortgage guy. he pre-approved us for a "va" loan. neither Kelly nor I are veterans. he asked me for our "veteran verification papers." I finally decide to email the mortgage broker that my realtor recommended. ahh!!!

looking toward Friday. hoping to somehow have a new pre-approval letter in hand by then. hoping to find an even better house and better deal. trying to remember that ALL things happen for a reason. although I know that in comparison to many other life problems and difficulties that people have to go through, this house hunting business seems trivial. for me, right now in this moment, it still just kind of sucks.


Stefanie said...

so sorry you guys are having such a rough time!! The perfect one will come in perfect time :)

Robica said...

i couldn't agree with Stefanie more. we looked and looked and looked. kept getting discouraged. when we decided to stop looking, we found one. is it your first? i hope you know about the credit. my friend bought a house recently and neither her realtor nor lender told her about it then proceeded to provide her incorrect information. so make sure you know