02 September 2009

Bon Appetit

After Bible Study last night, Kelly and I spontaneously went to see Amy Adams & Meryl Streep's new flick, Julie & Julia. I loved it! The Julia Child voice drove Kelly a bit nuts, but he was a trooper through the whole thing. And, we did our finest impressions all the way home.
We had the theatre to ourselves, and when Kelly stepped out to get a beverage I found myself tearing up during the Julie Powell birthday party scene. Now I want to put on a pearl necklace, some super high heels, and cook a French Cuisine!
PS ... Has anyone ever tried an Aspic? The thought makes me a bit queasy...why oh why was it ever invented?!?


e said...

i LOVED it too. i love meryl. and we laughed so hard. i remember my parents imitating that SNL sketch when i was a kid..."you must be sure to keep the liver!"

christy said...

Woah. You guys are adventurous! We turn into pumpkins at 10. Ha!

Glad you guys had fun.