23 November 2009

Last Week's Reading...

"Prepare for increased constipation and flatulence."
How delightful, because pregnancy has already been so glamorous!
And, question...
Just how does one prepare?
For the first I would guess, increase fiber. However, I fear that may only increase the latter.
Oh dear!
Are you my friend or foe?
Pregnant & Pondering


Allie Watson said...

Don't worry! They always list every single preggo side-effect and most women don't experience all! So maybe you can skip these ones God willing.

Kelley said...

Oh I know this! I have this talk with my pregnant clients all the time. So there are two kinds of fiber: soluble and insoluble.
Insoluble is the kind you want that will help prevent constipation. Food sources include veggies, fruit skins, whole wheat products, wheat oat, seeds and nuts.
Soluble will help also but not as much. You want to definitely shoot for more insoluble then soluble.
Food sources of soluble include: oats, beans, barley, flax, oranges and apples.
AND the most important thing is to drink LOTS of water!!
haha now that I wrote that I'm not sure if you actually were looking for an answer but...there you go! :)
btw Congrats! You guys are going to have the CUTEST baby

nicole said...

Thank you Kelley! I love the info, and I will definitely put it into practice :)

christy said...

Ok... the easy way out: some prenatal vitamins have stool softeners in them for a little added help. ;)