01 December 2009

Umm... Yes Please!

If Baby is a girl, I imagine I will be doing some shopping on this little website:
Click Here


Our growing family said...

oh.my. that is so adorable!! MAN! Girl hair things have gotten SO much better than even when abbi was a babe!
love it!

Amanda said...

Your little one is going to be adorable in everything!!

I can't wait to see all of the fabulous maternity wear you find over the next few months. =) Let's plan a day to go peruse the shops in downtown Sumner to find stuff for you and baby!!

Oh...and that pumpkin roll in the previous post sounds absolutely delicious!!! I think I might need to find a good recipe to make myself one!!

Stefanie said...


jessica said...

Olive has that in orange!!! I often refer to Baby as a girl...and my intuition is rarely off so let's do some shopping!!!!!

Christie C. said...

LOVE! I adore putting big bows and flowers on Harper, bookmarking this site right now for future shopping reference :)

Anonymous said...

you should check out Addie's bowtique. they have really cute stuff.