21 January 2010

Don't worry...

We are fully aware of just how cheezy we are:
A couple of days ago I read that our Baby Girl (21 weeks) is the size of a "large banana." So, blame it on a long 10 hour day at work or just a spacey pregnancy idea, but when I saw our bowl of fruit in the kitchen, I just couldn't resist. Now, after uploading the pictures, I realize just how ridiculous I look. I also realize this is not even a great belly shot. But, last night I promised my sister I would post another belly picture. So, here you go Tiff and everyone... I picked out the cheesiest one for your viewing pleasure :)
When my photographer/husband gets home perhaps we will snap a few that will someday not be horribly embarassing to show our little girl.
PS, I picked up that little (well not literally little) dress at Old Navy the other day. Thinking to myself, oh this will be great when I a start to get really HUGE! Well, I slipped it on to see if I could wear it now with a high waisted belt or something... What, am I dillusional??? High waisted belt, funny. I quickly realized, there will be no belts. Not now, or anywhere in my near future. Rather, I sported the surprisingly size appropriate dress and added another no worry outfit to the list!


Linds said...

imagine this... I'm in pajama bottoms, an old white tshirt, sitting cross-legged on my messy bed, watching real housewives of the OC.. skimming your blog and eating a bowl of corn flakes...

Like, I seriously wasn't really even reading that closely, but when I got to dress part.. with all the funny sarcastic comments... I SPIT MY CORN FLAKES ALLLLLL OVER MY LAPTOP SCREEN! omg... sick.

you make me laugh... I love your cute little belly.. lol.

hurry up, baby banana... haha. xo

Allie Watson said...

LOL Well, you could wear a belt... it'll just disappear over the next couple months... ;) I love your posts! I've been reading them in clumps so I get a ton of giggle-time :)