12 February 2010

I absolutely adore him:

I was just on the phone with my sister when in the background, who do I hear... None other than Taye. He had just come downstairs after putting on an outfit his dad picked out for him. I about died laughing, because this is what I heard:
Taye in a very dramatic/adamant/fast paced tone: I look like a woman in these pants!
Tiffany: What?
Taye: I look like a woman. These pants are too tight!
Tiffany, between laughter: Ok, you don't have to wear them. We can give them away.
Taye: We can give them to the girl baby. (meaning his baby sister due in June)
Tiffany: Ok, Taye.
And yes, he came up with the 'woman pants' all on his own. Apparently they were jeans that he felt fit him a little too snug. Taye, I can totally understand. Although, my snug jeans make me feel more like a certain marine mammal than a woman. But nonetheless...


Lindsey said...

there are not enough "haha, too funny, thats hilarious, omg! what a riot" phrases to do Taye's character justice...and this post. I love.

keep the taye stories coming... these make my day. :) xo.

p.s. i still can't say "uh oh" without thinking about the hampster and his chicken salad problem..lol.

Allie Watson said...

Oh my, SO funny! He looks like your Grandma in that photo. Don't tell him that though, wouldn't want him to start getting a complex...lol