12 March 2010

When did this happen!?!

My Bible Study group is doing the above Beth Moore Esther Study, and I L-O-V-E it! I have been a Beth Moore fan for quite sometime, I love her and her big hair. I used to listen for free to different lessons online, but this is my first time doing a book study like this. The Day One of Week Two Study asked us to make a list of any items that fall under the following "cosmetics, beauty treatments, precious ointments, soaps for bathing." I have thought of myself as a lower, not low but not high maintenance girl, well after making that list I fear I may be quite mistaken. I also fear I am on my way to the following image:
And, I much prefer this image:
I am a bit too proud to list absolutely every item, and truthfully it would bore you. But, the items I found the most interesting are below. I call them my post showering items:
1. Neutrogena Facial Moistuizer Day w/SPF 15 or Restorative Night (depending)
2. Cocoa Butter (pregnant lady's stretch mark friend)
3. Lanosil (I'd rather not discuss, let's just say welcome to 3rd tri)
4. Vitamin E (for what I call my California leg scars, one from the Murphy Bed falling on me and another from a hike in Yosemite National Park)
5. Body Lotion (For whatever skin isn't covered yet. I like Jergens Skin Firming Lotion, I'm aware that for under $5.00 it probably really isn't firming much, but a girl can dream)
6. Vaseline for my lips (it happens to be my chapstick/lip gloss of choice)
7. And, sometimes Bliss Hand Lotion or Body Butter because it smells so good! I seriously love Bliss products so much that we almost stayed at one of the W Hotels in NYC eventhough the Westin had better reviews, simply because they stock your room with Bliss products everyday! I know, I know...
Oh, and almost an 8th edition. I just received the greatest gift of Mama Bee Nourishing Oil. I'm sure I will love it as I am a big fan of Mr. Burt's Bees. And, well there you go the list just keeps on growing.
People, this is the reason I sometimes dread showering. It is not a quick process. Don't worry, I suck it up and shower quite often, but still ridiculous! But, what one could I give up... exactly, they are all here for the long haul, well at least for the pregnancy haul.
Gone are the days of a travel size body wash and lotion for an entire week of camp!
Please tell me I'm not alone...

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Allie Watson said...

Oh my I laughed when I read,"Sometimes I dread showering" because I TOTALLY feel the same way. My "post-showering" list is not as impressive as yours, but is enough where I post-pone as much as possible. You are not alone lol. FYI what a cute post I might copy you! I think most girls are interested in what others are using as far as beauty products. Don't feel bad, it's not so much vanity as it is wanting to feel good :)