01 April 2010

Nursery Bargains

A Goodwill just opened in our little city, so although the germaphobe in me can get a little tense in thrift stores, I actually really do like checking them out. I like craigslist and garage sales too. Probably more so than thrift stores because craigslist is like online shopping and garage sales are typically outdoor yard sales and so any smells seem to float away. Anyway, my time at the Goodwill was well spent, I found this ottoman priced for only $4.99! Oh wait, it was on sale, so I only paid $4.00!
I removed the slipcover, washed it in hot water, ironed it up and voila:
This next bargain was so good I had to call my aunt when I found it, just so I could share the news! Kelly and I had originally registered for this item in the "huge" size. We felt silly registering for a piggy bank that cost more than $50.00, but we couldn't help but picture how cute it would look on her bookshelf... So, you can imagine my delight when I found the perfect huge size copy cat at Marshalls for only $14.99! And, as anyone who knows me very well would vouch, I will enjoy it all the more because of the deal:
The frame next to the pig was found at Target (clearance) and I plan to put our first family photo in it. The tiny tiny Bible next to the frame is something I've had since I was a little girl. I used to call it my "Barbie Bible." In very small script it has the book of Matthew.
More Nursery Pictures in the near future!


tiffany jeanne said...

I need you to be my personal shopper :) You find the cutest stuff!

Tell Kelly awesome job on the marathon!

Allie Watson said...

Oh! The Barbie Bible! Tear... I recognized that before I read it! I love it all. Can't wait to see it :)