11 May 2010

Mother's Day!

My sister invited my family over to her house for Mother's Day, it was such a gorgeous day out, and so much fun to be on a beautiful lake. I am looking forward to many summer days on that lawn, holding babies! Ironically enough, as I was looking through my pictures, I have not one photo of any of the Moms... but shockingly, ha not really, I have a few of little Taye:
Taye mowing the lawn with his little buddy. That is the neighbor's dog, and Taye thought his name was Molly, so he would yell "Molly, Molly!" come to find out Molly is the neighbor's grandaughter's name, oops :)

These are the little Mother's Day Gifts/Favors that I put together:
A starbucks cup filled with Chocolate Covered Salted Caramel Macadamia Nut Clusters, yum! I put a little treat bag in the cup, filled the bag up, sealed it off with a twisty tie and added white shreds for the whip cream. I wasn't able to find wrapping paper shreds anywhere, I found this odd, I have pink, green, yellow... you name it, but no white. So Kelly emptied the paper shredder for me and I shredded up some plain printer paper. It worked out quite well. I attached a little card and Starbucks Gift Card and voila.
It was Kelly and my job to bring fruit, don't you just love all the colors!?! I love summer time food:
Earlier that morning, I got my first dose of Braxton Hick's contractions and was up from about 4:00 am - 6:30 am, unfortunately Kelly was too, I was tossing and turning a bit. Anyway, I was so thankful that the sun was shining, had it been a rainy dark morning it would have been hard to wake up. The pictures below make me laugh, the one of me is not glamorous at all, not in the least. But they are real...

Today I am 37 weeks, FULL TERM :), so here I am just a couple days ago. Tired and very very pregnant. There I sit in my robe, for all the neighbors to see. I debated, is it worth the energy to go all the way upstairs to put on some sweats... As you can see, I decided it was not.
Fruit, yogurt, whole wheat toast with Nutella, and a beautiful Washington day. Not too shabby for a first Mother's Day morning! It is really fun to think that Kelly's first Father's Day he will be holding Baby Girl, oh man so so exciting!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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Our growing family said...

woo hoo for full term!!
yea! not too much longer now!!!