15 June 2010

My heart is exploding!

My sister and I live an hour away from each other, and normally that doesn't really interfere with us being able to see each other. But, throw in the birth of twins, and a c-section birth of Baby G, and an hour never seemed more far apart. So, today was a super special day because Kelly, Georgiana, and I were finally able to make the drive to go meet and cuddle the cousins!
These car seat pictures crack me up, it was quite difficult to get a picture of all 3 of them. I still want a few pictures of them just in onesies all lined up, but today these pictures alone were an accomplishment! Poor Ryder was feeling hungry.

The girls were not cooperating, they kept turning away from the camera! I had to laugh because Georgiana looked like a little giant, and as of yesterday she weighs 6lbs 7oz, so it shows you how petite little Hana is. Precious.
Taye. Love him, what else can I say:
These pictures make my eyes a little misty.
When we first got to their house Taye told me that Georgiana looked bigger than his sister but about the same size as his bro Ryder. Yes, Taye does say "Hey little bro!" Oh be still my heart, adorable!!! When holding Georgiana (per his request), Taye said she was a bit bigger than Ryder. So I said, "yes she is the biggest." And he said...
"And the bravest!" Too cute :)
A little out of order... Here is Georgiana on her first date with little Sawyer (my friend Kea's baby).
Once Georgie's eyes opened she was so curious and quite enamored!

Back to Taye and the "Triplets"

I'm off to bed now, I've been cuddling little Baby Girl while typing this up, oh man it just doesn't get old! Kelly and I can literally just sit and stare at her, being her mommy really is the best. I can't believe she will be a week old tomorrow, each day has flown by!
Thank you all for your messages and encouragement, we are all doing well and trying to rest up as much as possible :)


Robin said...

Look at you, Nicole! 2 posts within a week and an hour drive to see your sis?! Supermom! =) Georgiana is such a petite little thing! Can't wait to see her in real life!

Our growing family said...

so adorable!!! It seems like the girls eyes kind of look similar??? Do you think so, or is it all in my head! =)
They are all so precious! I bet you had so much fun getting to see everyone!
Hope things are going well!!!!!
Still so excited for you...she is such a little blessing!

christy said...

They totally look like triplets! How funny. I love how they are only 1 day apart. Some fun days ahead for all of you. :)

CKSC said...

Super cute! How neat you get to share all this with your sister and to have all these cousins be so close! My brother named his little boy Ryder! I can just see those two lil' girls wanting him to play dress up with them in a couple years:) Good thing he has an older bro to look out for him! ;)

Stefanie said...

they are sooo precious!! So excited for you!

e said...

be still MY heart. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. she's getting more beautiful by the day. i can't wait to kiss her little face!! (if that's ok with mom. germs you know.) ;) xo

tiffany jeanne said...

congrats, nicole! wow! 3 new babies in the family! enjoy every second of it :)