05 June 2010

Quick Update...

I am still pregnant.
I went for a waddle jog this evening. I was only able to jog about a mile until I determined I would need some type of belly bra if I was going to continue. So we finished with a nice slow walk, complete with me literally holding my belly up. Super cute.
Kelly has been home keeping me company, and we have been doing our best to get out and about, so as not to go crazy just waiting for Baby G to arrive. I actually have pictures to prove our outings, I will try to post tomorrow... but hopefully I will be at the hospital. Just don't hold your breath though, even after the waddle jog... I have basically zero labor symptoms to report.
Taye informed me that Baby G will be arriving Thursday, because "Thursday is a special day." Could he be any cuter, I think not :)
As of last Thursday I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Tiny progress, but still progress. We celebrated by eating at a fun Irish pub and taking a walk along Ruston Way in Tacoma. Anyone ever try soda bread? It is delish! Kind of like corn bread meets pound cake.
Also, as of Thursday my midwife/RN guesstimated that Baby G was about 6lbs. This actually brought me quite a bit of peace, as I was fearing I would soon (or later) be delivering a 9 or so pounder. Phew! She still moves around like crazy. Right now my belly looks like a wave pool, with her moving it up and down.
Tuesday we have an ultrasound to double check her size, all the fluid levels, and placenta condition etc. Those findings will help the rest of the game plan, either check into the hospital that day, or get a date on the calendar to help Baby Girl come on out. We are still hoping and praying that she will come out on her own.
And wow, wasn't it a beautiful Saturday in the NW!?! Taye also mentioned that he thought maybe Baby Girl was waiting for sunshine and summer... I should check the weather forecast, maybe tomorrow will be sunny again and encourage her to make her grand entrance!
I hope you are having a fun weekend!


ZCloyd said...

Hang in there Nicole! I can't wait to meet Baby G =D

Robin said...

She'll be here soon! I keep checking here and on fb to see if you're at the hospital- I had zero labor symptoms until the instant I went into labor, so don't be discouraged if you don't feel anything yet! I'm TOTALLY impressed that you jogged for a mile! Who are you?! Oh yea...a pregnant lady who wants her babe to come on out! =) Praying for you- at least you know she'll be here by the end of the week, right?

CKSC said...

Oh Nicole! I haven't been very good about checking everyone out on FB so I didn't even know you were pregnant! You are the cutest pregnant chica ever!! I am so excited for you and happy I found your blog and have loved checkin out your nursery! I am curious if you had your baby girl on my birthday yesterday?!?! Can't wait to see pics. I will have to pick your brain because I am 11 weeks along! AGH! I have a history of miscarriages so I have been a little scared, but it looks like this peanut is here to stay! Congrats to you my dear:) You'll make a beautiful momma!