14 July 2010

The best kind of busy...

Lots of family time, visits from friends, and too many of these:
Well, maybe not that particular flavor. Yes, that is bacon, this particular donut is called the "Oprah." It is from Legendary Doughnuts, if you live anywhere close I recommend treating yourself!
I made Kelly brave the first bite, the bacon weirded me out a little.
He described the taste as a perfect pancake breakfast. I too braved the bacon and would agree with his description!
Below is a picture of little Miss Georgiana taking her first nap in her crib. This was her second nap upstairs. Her first only lasted long enough for me to post the nap as a facebook status, then either she or I (I can't remember), decided that she had been too far away :) This time she made it 2 hours! I only checked on her about 347 times, I was quite proud of the both of us.
Do you think I had her monitor close enough?
We've also been busy laughing! Blurry or not, I love Georgiana's little grin in the picture below. (Serious bummer, I just pressed the backspace key one too many times and away went the blurry picture... I'll post it at the top, as fellow bloggers know I am unable (at least I don't know how) to put the picture back in this order). Moving on...

But what oh what was she laughing at you ask???
Daddy doing a jig!
He doesn't enjoy being a dad at all, can you tell ;)
"Hey come and look at her laugh at me!"
"Look at this move!"
Oh dear. He is like the male version of Elaine from Seinfield.
We have also been enjoying the sunshine! Well, the shade outside looking at the sunshine! We will wait for next summer to toast (with SPF of course) Georgiana's olive skin.
My sister's house, playing in the lake:
Go Taye Go!
While the big boys played, Georgiana bonded with her cousins!
The only thing we were not enjoying was sweating in our house last week with the high temperature outside. Poor baby girl was miserable:
So, we invested in a couple of ac window units and that seemed to do just the trick!
Oh, there was one more thing we didn't enjoy... Georgiana getting a shot at her doctor's appointment! I wanted to cry my eyes out and Kelly stated (thankfully only to me) that he wanted to punch the nurse. Don't worry, we both refrained and left all of the crying and swinging of fists for Georgiana. Oh man, it was my least favorite thing ever!
But, we did enjoy learning her new stats:
Weight: 8lbs 6oz (25th Percentile)
Length: 21.5" (50th Percentile)
Head: 25th Percentile (It was 14 something, I have it written down, but Baby G is sleeping on me so I'm not going to run down to get it, sorry).
Other bits about Georgiana, she very recently became addicted to Mam pacifiers. She did not care for the Soothie or Ortho brand, and she is yet to try the Nuk (but she was just given some, so maybe she will like those too???).
3 Nights in a row she slept for 5 hours, fed, and slept for an additional 5. Last night however she was a night owl and light sleeper.
She is big enough for the Bjorn, but I am still trying to explain to her that it is most definitely not a torture device. I am hopeful she will come around.
Sometimes she enjoys baths, but if you think that is a good way to wake her up, say before a doctor's appointment or something. Then think again, she does not find that soothing.
She likes to smile, look around with her big dark blue/grey eyes, and she will sometimes tell you a little story in the language of cooing.
She usually enjoys walks, but likes to keep the show on the road, aka keep walking. But, she will smile and show off a bit when nice neighbors want to meet her.
She smells so sweet, I wish I could bottle it up. And, she is a little heater, especially when sleeping on my chest.
I could go on and on, but I better get going on non blog things.
Oh, random...
I finally saw Blind Side. Loved it.

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Chris/ty said...

Georgie is a DOLL and you are lookin gooood mama! Glad things are going well for you guys. I love the Kelly dancing pictures. And yeah, I am pretty sure we might need to go to that donut place Saturday morning. YUM. :)