29 July 2010

This & That

Yes, I confess I stole the first 3 pictures from the Yuen Lui website (not that you couldn't tell from the giant watermark). Don't worry, we ordered proper pictures that will be without the logo.

Yesterday, my sister and I (aka the stage moms below) ventured out to have Taye & the "Triplets" picture taken. Thankfully my sister brought along backup, her husband Ben and his Aunt Sue. I was quite relieved. This is all uncharted territory for me, and as you can see it is quite the ordeal!
There were tears, sweat, spit, poo, and thankfully no blood.

The girls were wearing Perfectly Princess outfits (dress & romper) from Mud Pie , Ryder was wearing a black onesie ordered from Etsy with a pink tie ironed on. The tie pattern was found here. My sewing skills are very amateur, so instead of sewing the border of the tie I used a thin outline of puffy paint. Taye was sporting a shirt from The Children's Place.
In the top picture, Georgiana is wearing her Kaiya Eve "three three" and a headband I made that morning. Before Georgiana was born I made a bundle of headbands, but as of yet they are a bit too big for her. So, yesterday I picked up a little pansie flower for $.69 and a pack of white trouser socks, you know the old school kind found at drug stores packaged in little round plastic containers like you would get out of a gumball machine. Anyway, the socks were only $.50! I sewed one sock together, attaching the toe to top by hand with just a few stitches, popped the flower off of the stem and hot glued it right on top of the stitches. The longest part was waiting for the hot glue to heat up. Now that I know how easy it is, I plan on making a few more!
Moving on...
As of late, many many people have been saying how much Miss G looks like her Daddy. I'm definitely starting to see it!
Random, last Sunday we enjoyed some takeout from our favorite sushi place. When Kelly returned home from picking it up, I was so delighted to hear that the staff was asking about us. I miss that place, we had become quite the neighborhood regulars and they are eager to meet Georgiana. Oh darn, I guess that means we will have to go eat sushi soon. Last note on the sushi... I ordered miso soup, and before I hung up the waitress said, don't forget to bring your own dish for the soup. For some reason this made me laugh, of course I over analyzed what size dish to send with Kelly, all of my tupperware seemed too big. In the end it worked out, I ended up having leftover soup for lunch the next day!
Next picture, basically I am totally and completely in love with my baby girl and being her mommy. She has the most kissable cheeks, and that little hand under her chin, and her scrunched up forehead, and and and... I could go on and on!
First bottle! Eating it like a champ:
Lastly, but most certainly not least...
Yep, that's a ginormous tire (almost as tall as me) just hanging out in my garage. The tire arrived at my house yesterday. Delivered by none other than a police bomb truck that just happened to be Kelly's friend's take home vehicle for the night. And, because we haven't entertained our neighbors enough, Kelly just informed me that his brother will be by in the morning to flop the tire around in our driveway. Apparently it is part of a crossfit workout. A little warning Cory, I may just go a little paparazzi on you for the sake of the blog :)

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