13 August 2010

Unedited "Deets"

My friend Allie's sister always asks her for the "deets," you know the details. Now, whenever I see Allie I ask her for the deets, which means the ongoing details of what's up in life. So, here are a few deets from the Smith house...
Little Miss Georgiana is 9 weeks old! As of Tuesday she weighs 9 lbs 10 oz and is 22 3/4" long. She likes to take her naps in her swing, or in someones arms, transitioning to lying down for naps is something we are working on. According to her pediatrician, she likes to move/sway during nap time because I was probably active during this time of day while she was cooking in my belly. Supposedly this womb pattern will pass around 12 weeks, I am curious to see if it will. She has a bit of acid reflux, was prescribed some medicine, but I am open to any other anti acid reflux tips or tid bits, please educate me :)
The last week or two she has really started to enjoy playtime! She is especially a fan of her octopus. We call him Mr. Eight. She plays hard and tires out fairly quickly. Below she is telling Mr. Eight a story, he is definitely her favorite toy as of yet.
Other deets... My brother in law Ben, threw my sister a surprise birthday party! It was a great success. After shopping for plates and napkins (at Target), Baby G and I headed over to Ben Franklin crafts and they had paper in almost the identical print as the napkins! These are things in life that really excite me. Ridiculous, I know, but seriously this is the stuff I find blogworthy!
My time is limited, so I used a circle punch and used the paper as giant confetti.
Kelly has taken over taking pictures, he has many talents, the jury is out as to whether or not photography is going to be one of them :) Nonetheless, at least we have some snapshots to remember the fun event!
Below, I love how Papa (my grandpa) is looking out for Taye:
I just looked up from the computer to see two little/big blue eyes looking right at me. Georgiana has kicked off her blanket (in her swing), it appears nap time is over. I am tempted to save this and finish writing later, but who knows when that will be. The next few days include Georgiana's first playgroup, a wedding, baby shower, and packing to head to Canon Beach on Sunday. So, I leave you with the pictures below, and one last comment...
Erin, the crazy eyed picture of Georgie is for you. I am known for accidentally having "crazy eyes" in quite a few pictures, of course they haven't been shared much on the blog, but it appears that Georgiana has inherited that trait from me. I vow to post the next crazy eyed one of myself so the blogworld can see the resemblance. Poor girl, at least with digital we snap enough to capture many non crazy eyed ones :)
Stay cool, snuggle your little ones, and have a wonderful weekend!

Georgiana's outfit matched the decor, I have a condition.
Off I go!


e said...

ohhhh i am laughing for sure. definite signs of CE. how i love my crazy-eyed smith girls! it only happens in pictures, world.

happy birthday tiffany!

love you guys. let's have a playdate soon. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha "I have a condition" I was crackin up! I had to tell Jonny cuz I thought it was so cute. Love you! Mikki

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful babies! Congratulations to you and Tiffany! You made me laugh so hard "I have a condition". Debbie