17 September 2010

Stuff for the baby book!

July 30th tiny little Georgiana rolled from her tummy to her back. Well, she kind of accidentally ended up on her back, she was a bit shocked by the whole thing. She has since mastered rolling over, tummy to back. Then, yesterday she rolled from her back to her tummy! It was a big day in the Smith house. Kelly and I were thrilled. We were both so thankful that we both saw it. I had just ran upstairs to grab a bib and right when I returned she rolled over. I'm writing this so I don't forget the dates. Important things for her baby book.
And, this past Tuesday she discovered her feet. She has been holding them non stop! I took a picture of her little socks today, black and white ballet slipper socks, one foot says "tiny" and the other "dancer."
Other bits, I now fully understand the posts that list off daily tasks that were accomplished. Like laundry or dishes. One day this week I got one (yes only one) load of laundry done and made dinner, it was a crazy day, lots of poo, and completing these two things made me feel like a superhero.
Speaking of poo... Georgie is so funny, she hates and I mean totally and completely loathes dirty diapers. Wet or the other, any amount, and she wants it off stat! I don't blame her, and as silly as it may sound, Kelly and I often say "thank you for telling us." Kelly frequently tells her she is a great communicator :) Needless to say, we change a lot of diapers.
Work is going pretty good. I miss Georgiana from the moment I get in my car to the moment I get home and peak at her in her crib. But, Kelly is thoroughly enjoying his time with her. He has taken quite a few pictures of their time together. I'll try to post some soon. Lots of Bumbo time just hanging out. They have quite the little bond. Kelly doesn't trust himself to wake up to the monitor, so when I'm gone he sleeps on her floor. Yep, pretty stinkin adorable.
Back to work I go!


Me... said...

I was so hoping for an update today :) glad things are going well! when they grab the toes it's so cute!

Stefanie said...

oh my word. Hilarious! I need to see you guys again... And Ryder and Hana are getting soo big! They're adorable!!