11 October 2010

Fall, Flannel, & Four Months!

Georgiana had her 4 month doctor's appointment today. She is as healthy as can be, and thankfully did much much better with her immunizations than at her 2 month appointment.
Kelly and I decided to stagger her shots more, she didn't react too well to the 6 vaccinations she received at her 2 month appointment (2 shots and 1 oral). So, rather than do the "cocktail shots" as they are called, she received 2 today (1 oral and 1 "poke" as her dr called it) and will get the other 3 in one month.
I was nervous that she would react equally horribly today, and then just have to go through it again in one month. But, considering she is currently sleeping peacefully in her crib rather than bawling in her car seat on the way to the ER while Kelly drives at the speed of any new and very concerned daddy thus getting a photo enforced speeding ticket, I would say tonight and today went significantly better!
Praise the Lord oh my soul :)
She is 25" long, which puts her in the 75%!
And weighs in at 11 lbs 12 oz, 25%.
She loves her feet, anything that hangs off of her clothes (bows and ruffles), and likes to roll all around.
Oh, and her hands, she absolutely loves to stick her little hands in her mouth. Poor little thing, she constantly has ice cube hands because she soaks them and then waves them around like crazy!
I love her little feet!
And, she is quite the little reader :)
Georgie Girl
And, in honor of Fall, she and Kelly have been sporting their flannel:
I'm currently uploading some more pics, we've been busy with a Scarecrow Festival, Pumpkin Patch/Farm, another wedding, lots of playing, dinners with friends, laughing, more playing, and long walks. Mixed with a short lived (thankfully!) diaper rash from scented wipes, possible teething, and late nights at work for Kelly, it has been quite the Fall so far!


kel said...

I am not sure if you completely realize this, but you guys have quite possibly the most beautiful baby EVER. :) Looks like you are having so much fun!

Stefanie said...

oh my cuteness, she is absolutely adorable!!!

e said...

nicole, seriously. she is getting MORE beautiful, when i didn't think it was possible. miss you guys.

Allie Watson said...

OH MY she is so gorgeous! She is definitely your child :)

CKSC said...

AGH! So cute! She is getting so big! I just love those huge eyes of hers:)