31 October 2010

Georgie Bug

Georgiana was the happiest little Ladybug around. It all started earlier this week when we decided last minute to take her to the HOA Halloween Potluck meeting. She sported her costume and entertained the crowd. She participated in the costume contest, and as I held her up in front of everyone, she kicked her little legs and squealed like crazy. Her giddy little performance earned her quite a few votes. She walked away with the Cutest Costume award, and a prize of $50.00 cash!
After the meeting, I began to wonder if she sneaked sugar behind my back, she was giggling and rolling around like a little nut. It was the cutest thing ever. We visited my grandparents today, and she was just as goofy!
Hmm... I wonder who she gets it from...

As we walked out the door, Kelly grabbed his mullet wig. He too wanted to be festive. Kelly's shirt is not a part of his costume, as I was taking his picture I started to worry and think, oh no I hope Ben (my brother in law) doesn't think Kelly is sporting that shirt as a costume. Ben is the owner of Evergreen Boardsports, and Kelly and I both enjoy wearing our shirts! Kelly's costume was literally a grab and go wig out of our costume stash, yep we have a small stash. Back to Kelly's shirt, if you are interested in wearing/purchasing one, I know a man on the inside, so just let me know and I'll help make that dream a reality :)
Before heading home to pass out 12 bags of candy! We stopped at a little party. We hadn't been there but 5 minutes, and Kelly was rough housing with our friend Brian during a donut eating contest. I accidentally uploaded the wrong picture, but I am too tired to wait and reload them all. The one I intended to post was of Brian holding Kelly's head to the floor, buried into a donut. Classy.
Brian & Kelly
Poor Georgie, she looks like she is thinking what in the world are these crazy people doing!?! I was Wig Woman and Kelly was Mullet Man.
When I dressed up to take Georgie to the HOA meeting, I wore my prom dress (a 1970's number), the wig, and a few random 70's accessories. When I put on the wig I was very careful to show Georgie what I was doing, and I was fully prepared to pull it off if it scared her at all. But, she didn't skip a beat. She just looked at me with her regular smiley demeanor. I thought, poor girl, I must look this frazzled everyday and you have to look at me all day. My assumption that Georgie thinks I look the same in the wig as I do with my normal hair was further confirmed today when Kelly put on his luscious locks; she initially wanted nothing to do with him.
And, one more bit. In the past almost 5 months, I have only been asked once if Georgiana was a boy or girl, and before I could even answer, the woman said "girl right, she must be a girl." Well, put your feminine little daughter in a LADY bug costume, and you will be swamped with is that a boy or girl, or isn't he cute.
I realize that there must be male Ladybugs in nature, and I apologize if I offend anyone who may have dressed their son up as one. But, I guarantee you, if Georgie was a boy, we would not have put her in stripped tights that look like they have mary jane shoes on them! And, if I ever have a son, I am quite certain Kelly would freak if I dressed him up as anything that begins with the word Lady.
Oh, and I forgot to add that in the picture of Georgie by herself, she is looking up and laughing at Kelly while he danced and sang for her. Quite the pair those two.


Allie Watson said...

She is the cutest! I love the pic with you 3, she does look like, "Uhh...these are my parents...?" lol

Lindsey said...

let me paint the scene... in a conference room with two other people.. one of which, just did my job for me for the last 8 days when I was on vacation. Instead of working, I decide to catch up on your blog... when I see the video of taye, I mention that I'm going to listen to an earlier meeting recording and draft notes, so I sneakily put in headphones. THEN.. I get to the line about the "lady" part of "ladybug" and... well, how kelly would likely object. I let out a good ol' "HAAAAAAA." Lindsey's not professional at the office, yet again...dangggggggggggg it. I'm like Bridet Jones. haha. xoxo

Lindsey said...

p.s. she's too cute... i love it.