02 November 2010

Cut & Paste

Hello Blogworld, Below is a little cut/paste email from my agency. If you fit the bill and are interested, comment or contact me and I will put you in touch with her!

Hey there!

I am currently looking for women who are a dress size 6 or 8 who are Athletic.

ANY TYPE OF ATHLETICS IS FINE , The client is looking for all types!
Including just going to the gym on a regular basis or do Pilates/yoga or aerobics. :-)

They must be between the heights of 5'6" and 5'8".

I have a few athletic clients who are looking for Athletic women to try on clothing and give them feedback about how it fits on them.
The job pays $75/hour.

If you know anyone (friend, family member, someone at the gym, or you your self are) Please have them contact me!
or I can contact them too. :-)

Thank you in advance for you help in my search!! :-)

The job would be most likely be in Seattle, WA, and you would need to have a semi-flexible schedule. Be brave and put your name out there, it could be fun!

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