30 November 2010

Final Day!

Georgie was all decked out for Black Friday shopping! We met my aunt and grandma at 10:00 am, about 4 or so hours later than I would have normally headed out, but I knew my new shopping buddy would appreciate that start time a lot more! She did, and thoroughly enjoyed herself for 2 hours. She smiled and soaked up every bit of attention from the other crazies getting their shopping on. I didn't want a repeat from Halloween, with the "boy or girl" question. So, while Georgie took a morning catnap I added the ever so subtle bow to her hat, roughly the same size as her sweet little noggin. It did the trick :)
Other bits, today is the final day to vote for Georgiana in the Gerber contest, please click here if you would like to vote. One little boy has a bazillion votes, but I think it's still fun to support little G. And lastly, I am an official Jeggings owner and wearer. I didn't even know they existed until a couple of weeks ago, where or where have I been!?! I love them and so do my boots, no more squeezing my jeans and worrying I am going to bust the zipper! Ha, it's true :)

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