23 November 2010

Let it snow!

As much as I miss Maui, I am loving these NW snow days! Monday we were all in our pjs until noon, no make up, keeping warm by the fire, and showing Miss Georgie Girl the giant flakes out the window. By late afternoon the neighbor kids had used up most of the snow in their own yards and asked if they could play in ours. We were happy to share our blanket of white fun and Georgie loved watching the kids stomp around. She really was glued to the window! I have more pictures of our fun snow day, including Kelly's snow angel (ha!), but I am off to catch up on the Amazing Race and hopefully get a good night of zzzzzzzz. Unless little G decides she would like to eat every few hours like last night. Oh how I love my growing girl :) Stay warm and have a great night!

1 comment:

Bridget Beth said...

That's such a great picture of you two! The snow looks beautiful in the background, and you guys look beautiful in the foreground :)