24 December 2010

Christmas Adam

Last night we had dinner at Kelly's parents home, which just happened to be on the 23rd, which just happens to be what Kelly calls Christmas Adam, you know because Adam came before Eve :)
Georgiana got to meet her Great Grandma Luella and Great Grandpa Henry, Lori's parents, visiting from Montana. Bill & Lori (Kelly's parents) did some major (and majorly beautiful) decorating in their family room. I love it! Kelly and I both think it is like sitting in a nice cozy lodge, last night I decided that someday I want a big ol' hearth!

Picture, why are you blurry!?! I still love it :)
Georgiana carries these donut/rings around everywhere. They are her fav!
She discovered Bill's beard last night, but she was too quick for the camera.

Yep, I made yet another Georgie Girl bow roughly the size of her head. I cannot help myself. Kelly just laughs.
PS my headband hurt my head so bad, I took it off for most the night. I think Kelly is relieved that our little baby will be the only one sporting giant hair accessories. cest la vie! Off to dress up my little doll again. I've been telling myself, slow down, enjoy this Christmas, enjoy it enjoy it enjoy it. Georgie only has one first! And, remember what this is really all about. The birth of our Saviour!!!
*** For those who asked :) Georgie's dress came from The Children's Place, I bought it on clearance after Christmas 2009 when I was pregnant. The cardigan is from Baby Gap and was a shower gift.***

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Our growing family said...

love it!!
I was just thinking how much I loved her bow and then you wrote about it! Her dress is simply adorable too!
Hope it was a wonderful Christmas for you guys! It only gets better w/kiddos! Just think next year she will be opening gifts herself and probably squeeling in delight!