16 March 2011

Menu Monday, Something Sweet!

(Oops, I started this as a Christmas baking post back in December, saved it as a draft, changed it up a bunch a couple of days ago, and when I "published" it, it published on the original december date... anyway, it only took me a couple of days to notice, I am so observant these days :)
This is my third or fourth attempt to get this blog post up, so I'm going to try my hardest to be brief...

Back in December, I enlisted the help of my cousins, Ashley & Makenzie, and my friend Lindsey for Christmas baking. With my full-time little helper, Miss Georgiana, baking alone would have been quite the task! My cousins arrived for the baking day like so:

Oh how I love them sooooo much! It delighted me to no end to see them dressed up with such Christmas cheer! Ha :)

We baked a ton of goodies, chocolate crinkles, oreo balls, pretzel rods, gingerbread stars, maybe even other things I'm forgetting... It was a lot!
And, We made these/this:
It was a new recipe (link below) none of us had ever tried, I've been craving it since December, I loved it! We followed the recipe to a "t," only adjustment was we made one batch with salt and one batch without. I liked them equally. And, I especially enjoyed snacking on this treat frozen, that's right, pop these in the freezer, yummmmm!

Lastly, Kelly did not realize the girls were dressed up!?! Oh my word, it was funny. I can assure you, Makenzie does not normally wear banister bows and Ashley does not typically wear bells and puffy paint on her sweatshirt. Thanks ladies for all of your help!!!

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