06 December 2010

Party.Parade.Plaid.and Picking out our tree!

Friday night I went to my church's annual Women's Cup of Cheer Party. We play a white elephant type game where you bring a mug filled with goodies or something around 10-$15.00. It has become more of a bag of cheer as it has gotten to be quite elaborate. Anyway, Friday was my very first time leaving Georgiana for a social event. She will be 6 months old on the 9th, and I had no intention of waiting so long, but it just sort of happened. I am trying to work on feeling comfortable leaving her, I think I have more of the separation anxiety than she does! She and Kelly had a wonderful Daddy & Daughter night, which was mainly her sleeping in his arms :) He has requested that these nights come more often than once every six months!
Saturday we headed out to the Sumner Santa Parade!
We met up with our good friends Brian & Kea and their sweet baby boy Sawyer. He slept through the first half of the parade and when he got up, Georgie crashed.
While Georgie was up, she actually really seemed to enjoy watching all of the floats, cars and kiddos dancing down the street.
Maybe someday she will be a Daffodil Princess...
Sunday morning was the annual Wear Plaid to Church Day! I think it is actually wear a plaid shirt, but I think Georgie's plaid dress still fits the bill.
After that, it was to Costco for a fake tree... Kelly was thrilled to find out that Costco pulled all of their trees due to problems with the lights, so we were off to hunt down a real evergreen.
We ended up having a great time, and were quite entertained by the silly decor of the Christmas Tree Lot. Including a calf dressed up as a reindeer.
Georgie sports her bear suit all the time! It was a gift from my dear friend Tarena, and it has come into handy soooo much.
Last year we were all about the Nobles, but this year this huge Douglas Fir was calling our name. At only $25.00, I would say this was quite the bargain!
Oh this girl makes us smile!


Anonymous said...

She makes me smile too! What a fun weekend. Love you guys, Aunt Michelle

Stefanie said...

sooo fun!! Love the pics!

Our growing family said...

she looks so adorable in it! =)