22 January 2011

Daddy/Daughter Time

I couldn't pick just one (picture). Love those two.
ps - not too long ago, I blogged about Georgie's 40 minute cat naps. I truly don't know why I thought those were sooooo bad, a week of 20-25 minute naps makes me very much miss the 45 ers. I am trying to lay her down for her morning and afternoon nap at the same time every day. I've been pretty good about resisting my urge to just hold her, and yet, she wakes (and the poor girl does not seem rested and chipper). Cest la vie :)
When Georgie was first born, our pastor was talking to us about sleep deprivation and the classic "at least they are so cute." I totally agree, I just look at the above pics and the cat naps don't seem soooo bad. Still, if anyone has went through the same or similar or has any comments, please send them my way!

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