07 January 2011


Before and after Christmas we had the opportunity to see some much missed friends from out of town. We made 3 out of 4 visits with different friends, unfortunately we had to miss one playdate because Georgie Girl had green boogies and I didn't want to risk her sharing them. She hasn't quite figured out that not everyone wants her sweet slobbery hand on their face. As you can tell from below, we are definitely still working on personal space! Georgie Girl... This is my friend Jenny, we have known each other since the 2nd grade. I was a bossy little thing, and she was sweet enough to put up with me. Together, and with her sisters in the bottom picture, we went on many an adventure!
It was great to both reminisce and catch up on the current details of our lives. Let's blame it on hormones (can I still use that excuse???), but I get teary eyed and pretty sentimental thinking about the people in my life who regardless of how much time has passed, you just feel comfortable with. They are like family. Even though our adventures were when we were young, it is like she knows me at my roots, no matter how old I get on the outside, we're still each other on the in. My words are getting weird, I guess I just can't put it into words...

Kim, Me & Georgie, Jenny, Betsy & Brody

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