13 January 2011

Sittin' Pretty

A few days after Christmas Georgiana decided it was time to sit up, not to be confused with sitting still! Quite the opposite, she is one busy little bee. She is a silly little thing, loves to play, and is currently trying to master sitting and sucking on her toes. Yes, she is still quite obsessed with her little piggies, and finds it quite frustrating when wearing footed pj's. How dare I be so mean and keep her feet covered up!?! She often has a soggy sock in her hand, they seem to work best as a teething toy than on her feet as they were intended.
Always so curious...
And, lately I've called her my grumpy grinner. She gets a little grumpers when she doesn't nap, but within one breath she will go from grumpy to giggling, so it really isn't too bad:
And, she may be little, but she sure packs a lot of personality!

Other randoms, while at Costco today I was asked if I wanted a box? I politely requested a couple of small boxes if they had any available... I realize my request was probably as annoying as the lady at Safeway who wants her bags double bagged with paper and plastic, but apparently the bagger/boxer at Costco either didn't hear or didn't care because the box I received was roughly the size of Texas. Which resulted in it weighing roughly the size of one full grown Texan (or any average sized full grown human!). I can only imagine how entertained fellow shoppers were today while I tried to muscle that bad boy out of the cart. It was quite the show. Next time I am either going to bring a few of my own bags or just go without and carry my peanut butter and jelly into the house one by one.

And, speaking of average sized humans... Why does watching The Biggest Loser always always always result in me craving the most unhealthy foods!?! It should be the opposite right... It's like when Kelly and I watched Supersize Me and then went and ate McDonalds. I guess there is some truth to the saying that negative advertising is still good advertising. And, lately my appetite is genuinely competitive with some of the Biggest Loser contestants. That is no joke. I'm thinking Georgiana is going through a major growth spurt, because my appetite is a little embarrassing. It really is. When your 6' 1" ironman training husband tells you how funny he thinks it is that you eat more than him, oh dear, it is a bit alarming.

One more tid bit, brace yourself for some upcoming old posts. That's right folks, I have things I want to post about from all the way back in November, even October! Gasp :) This little blog is my scrapbook, and I plan to someday use one of the blog to book conversion sites. So, I'm going to just blog at my own pace. I put weird time lines on myself about silly things such as posts. I think if I don't post it asap then it is just too late. I remember years ago going to a few scrapbook nights and women were making pages that were from events months and months, sometimes even years prior. And... it was no big deal! So, I'm giving myself the same permission to let go of my made up time line/pressure and I'm going to get it done when I can. When I'm not changing a diaper, cuddling, nursing, cleaning, sleeping or stuffing my face with an insane amount of calories. Or, when I'm not training for a half marathon that is around the corner, coming faster than I feel ready for, but I'm saying it "out loud" on the blog for extra motivation to get outside and run!!! Eeek, cat's out of the bag, better put my new to me jogging stroller to use. My sister found and picked up (Thanks again Tiffany!) a super nice jogging stroller for Kelly and I from www.freecycle.org. I highly recommend checking out the site.

Oh, another one more thing... Speaking of sites to check out, my cousin Ashley is currently on a study abroad trip aka adventure of a lifetime in Vietnam and heading to Thailand today/tomorrow. Her friend Bridget has blogged a bit about their trip, hey ladies, hope you don't mind me sharing the link with my little corner of the blogworld :) I cannot wait to hear all about my cousin's experience, I'm thinking we need to have a welcome home party and either eat Thai food, or if she's tired of that, we could have American fare: corn dogs, chicken strips, sliders... Hmm, and I'm shocked by The Biggest Loser, I don't think there is The Biggest Loser Thailand... something to think about. I'm also reading the www.kurtgordon.com blog, the adventure of bringing Lucy home! Our friends Kurt and Lauren are adopting a beautiful little girl named Lucy, they are on their adventure right now, so exciting!

Happy blog stalking, I'm going to enjoy a few minutes of the same :)

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Our growing family said...

oh, that is so exciting about kurt and lauren!! I had no idea! what a blessing! you will have to tell them congrats for me when you see them!
I love how G is sitting up now! so much fun! She is a lively one! =) You guys are going to have so much fun!!