24 March 2011

Great Grandpa Smith

Tuesday, we went to visit Kelly's Grandpa, aka W.W. You may remember me doing a post or two asking for prayer for him over a year ago when he had a stroke. If you think of him, Kelly and I would so so very much appreciate your continued prayer for him, for the Lord's will in his life.
These pictures are actually from a January visit, we opted not to bring the camera this past Tuesday. Only because we didn't have a ton of time, and sometimes we try so hard to capture every single second on "film," that we miss out on the interaction. That being said, I absolutely love these pictures. Every time we've taken Georgiana to see him, they hold hands and it warms my heart like nothing else. W.W. isn't able to communicate verbally, but he nods his head, squeezes your hand, smiles his best, and looks with intent and kindness. He even reaches for Georgie. We have the greatest pictures of him holding Georgie with Kelly's help back when he first met her in July (They are on the external hard drive otherwise I'd post them). On Tuesday, Kelly was holding Georgiana while she stood on the arm of his chair, she started doing a dance of sorts to the music on her toy phone. Poor W.W. thought Georgie was loosing her balance and falling, a simple mistake to make :), so he reached out to catch her. It is simple things like these that melt my heart and remind me that words are just one way to communicate, but definitely not the only way.

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Anonymous said...

So sweet, makes me want to cry.
Love you guys, The Brough's