17 March 2011

I am 28 years old!

Monday I turned the big 2-8, Kelly scheduled me a spa pedicure at Gene Juarez and it was perfection from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed every detail, the heavy cozy robe, chocolate biscotti and lemon water, total relaxation and thinking about how someday Georgiana and I can get pedicures together! I laughed to myself at how she would want absolutely nothing to do with one right now, she would want nothing to do with sitting still and having her feet and legs rubbed, and her feet are softer than 100 pedicures could ever make mine!

When I got home we snapped a few pics and got ready to head to my Grandparents' house. They watched Georgiana while Kelly and I went to lunch.

I know it is going to sound crazy, but this was Kelly and my first date out since sweet Georgiana was born! We didn't mean to wait so long, it just happened. We often have our evenings together at home, and we so enjoy taking our Georgie girl out and about with us. That being said, we really enjoyed each other's company!!
We went to Stanley & Seaforts. And yes, that would be lobster on Kelly's burger:
We started with a dungeness crab and artichoke dip. It was soooo good. We nearly licked the plate. Then, I ordered a crab and steak sandwich, but they were out, so I scrambled and ordered a burger with fried avocados. We were both stuffed!
After picking up our sweet girl, we headed home for some playtime and to finish up a couple of last minute preparations for a little Bachelor Season Finale party!
I had some girls over to watch the show, and the night just would not have been complete without red roses:
The sign says "Will you accept this rose? aka Thanks for coming!"
Everyone rsvp'd with their choice of cupcake from Hello Cupcake, my absolute favorite cupcake shop. Erin and I shared coconut and chocolate chocolate, they both sounded too good to choose one! My friend Lindsey was so thoughtful and brought candles to sing Happy Birthday. And, even when I couldn't find a lighter, they all still sang. So fun and sweet. Thank you so much for celebrating with me ladies!
I planned on doing a simple antipasto platter...
It turned into a antipasto buffet. The chicken bakes, breads and artichoke dips were in the oven when the picture was taken, but I think you get the idea.
I spaced and didn't pull my camera out after everyone arrived, just means they will all have to come over again soon :)
We did however remember to take a self-timer family shot, complete with Georgie trying to such on her shoe. Yes, her shoes have bite marks:
It was a very full day. Full of family, food, fun and friendship. Thank you to everyone for making it a truly special day!


Our growing family said...

I'm so bummed I forgot! I was trying to remember all last week and totally spaced this week!
It sounds like it was just perfect!!

christy said...

It was SO fun! Thanks for having me Nicole. :)