31 March 2011

Tacoma Children's Museum

It takes a lot of self talk and hand sanitizer to let your little one enjoy a children's museum. But, Kelly and I did our best and Georgiana had a wonderful time!

She was by far the youngest one there, we half expected it, but she enjoyed herself all the same. She explored, played and absolutely loved watching the older kids do their thing.
This was the tiniest little ballerina looking bar, she was having a great time until...
in the blink of an eye she became quite upset! I usually don't just let her cry and snap pictures, but it happened so quickly and I think she has the cutest little sad face, so here you go:
Poor girl! Don't worry, she recovered just as quickly. I snuggled her while some older kids asked if they could take our order and make some tasty plastic grilled cheese sandwiches for us. Georgie lasted a little over an hour, and then she was ready to go. She was one tuckered little girl.
She's just about the greatest little distraction and the best cure to a heavy heart. We can't help but smile :)


Chris/ty said...

Seattle has the most awesome childrens museum. They have a special little kids part where big kids aren't allowed. Highly recommend it!

Me... said...

She makes me smile too. Glad yall had fun! give her a little squeeze for me :)

Kirsten said...

Haha I love Kelly's face in the sad picture.