05 April 2011


Georgiana was in a super silly mood and had crazy hair to match! Some mornings I call her my Baby Einstein. She's started trying to brush her hair. It is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. One day she reached for her brush and started rubbing it on her head, she usually holds onto the bristles and clonks the handle on her little noggin. She'll get it soon enough :)

Okay, back to breakfast.

My silly girl caught sight of the camera and gave me her gummy pirate smile:

She honestly held this smile for the camera! I was using Kelly's point and shoot camera and it gives a red flash before taking the picture, she took that as her cue. Ha, oh my word she is a character: Georgie, will you please wave to Momma?
Can you blow me a kiss?
Yay Georgie!
Do you want to eat a puff?
Recent Happenings...

"Please don't put salmon in your ear."

"Is that a pea in your belly button?"

"Nice poo poo!"

"Let's not eat lint."

to the Target cashier: "Oh, wow, I didn't realize I had baby food all over my sweater." Seriously, it was COVERED (butternut squash), how did I not notice this!?!

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Our growing family said...

love her cheeks!!
I always laugh at the things I say that I NEVER could have imagined saying before kids!!
I feel like I have goobers all over me all the time too...Hudson is definatly a spitter! =) Such is the season! Wouldn't trade it for anything!