25 April 2011

Georgie's 1st Easter!

I LOVE Easter.

I love celebrating Sunday morning at church, singing praise songs of how Jesus rose from the dead and paved the way for us to spend eternity with Him! Doesn't it just make you want to sing!?! I so hope it does. Jesus' love is so worth singing about :)

I also love frilly dresses, big bows, crisp shirts and ties, and all of the beautiful bright Spring colors. I love Black Forest Ham, my Aunt Michelle's cheesy potatoes, and this year's coconut cupcakes that my sweet little 5 year old cousin didn't like because they were covered in grass (dyed coconut).

I thoroughly enjoyed holidays before my sweet Georgiana was born, but now...

Oh my goodness do I love them even more!

I promise I didn't pose her:
And now, a few captions from Georgiana's p.o.v.

This purse looks really fun Mommy!

I love it!

Oh no! Not another giant bow you are going to try and make me wear!?!

Easter grass, aka shreds, is AMAZING!

Me & Georgie with her new swimsuit:

Georgie & Grandma with her shoe (of course!). When she gets close to walking I am going to get serious about weaning her from her shoes!

One of Kelly's candid shots:

My Aunt Michelle & cousin Makenzie (another true candid shot). They don't look alike at all! :)

I love Georgie's smib:

She does not:

Georgie & Daddy/Kelly. Probably going over strategies for the big Easter egg hunt :)

Na'Liyah & Makenzie. Na'Liyah chatted and chatted away with Makenzie, she was her bud and it was adorable!

Kelly hid Georgie's eggs outside and then a small monsoon started, so while the older kids braved the wet, Kelly re-hid her eggs inside. She had a blast, and as you can imagine Kelly was quite proud of her:

At the library story time, they pass around eggs with rice inside (taped shut), for the babies to shake and play with. So, for two of Georgie's eggs I filled them with uncooked macaroni noodles and she thought they were pretty fun.

I wish I would have remembered to ask someone to snap a picture of the three of us, especially before Kelly changed out of his Sunday best. Cest la vie! Next year.

I hope your Easter was filled with lots of joy!

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tiffany jeanne said...

love this post and all those pics of your sweet baby {who is absolutely GORGEOUS, Nicole!}. My kids also got swim suits from the Easter bunny :) They also wore them around the house for the easter egg hunt...see what you have to look forward to?

happy easter!