14 April 2011

Ramble Ramble...

Yesterday, we had the most beautiful double rainbow. We took Georgiana outside to check it out, we could see both ends and the picture simply does not do the colors justice. The lower rainbow was so vibrant! Next pic, brace yourself, this is a truly random post. I am still using the frozen green beans from Costco, we are almost finished with the bag. They still taste fresh and are far from freezer burned. Last night I steamed the beans, added craisins, sliced almonds, salt, pepper, Italian salad dressing and then some spinach/mixed green blend (from Costco). It was really flavorful and light, the perfect side to baked chicken and roasted potatoes.
This was a moment that I had to snap a picture of. We are officially in the do not leave Georgiana out of sight for one moment, not even to wash your hands after changing her little diaper. Or, at least do not leave wipes + Georgiana out of site for one quick moment, she figured out how to open them:
I've shied away from the applesauce substitute for oil in cakes, but Kelly and I have eaten a whole cake or two (not in one sitting) in our day, so I thought it was worth a try. I am sold. At least for this Betty Crocker milk chocolate cake, that I added marshmallows to just for fun. The cake is super moist, and I will definitely use this substitute again. Brownies however, I am still not sold... any good applesauce brownie recipes out there? I am all ears...
Georgie's been trying lots of new foods too! Her favorite of course is plastic. And yes, it ended up on the floor, along with some broccoli, applesauce and her sippy. She's a great communicator and always lets us know when she is done :)
Poor girl lives in her Bunny Hat, can you tell I am scarred from windy ear infections from my childhood. No fun. We've been trying to get outside as much as possible, but boy does the great NW make that a little difficult at times. She and I have had some close calls on our walks, I try not to stray too far from home in case the rain turns on, or hail like yesterday!
Yep, salmon in her hair:
Other ongoings, if I wasn't so upset I would laugh at myself. It is truly crazy how bothered I am over an email I read this morning. It seems when our milkman delivered our milk, eggs and butter yesterday, he found last weeks order in the box too! What in the world, have I seriously lost my mind!?! I so thought I skipped last weeks order, but it appears I did not. And, over the course of the week I never bothered to check. Feel free to laugh at how dramatic I am over this, I am physically ill. I am hoping that by blogging about it I will feel better :) It probably also doesn't help that about a month ago I had this "great" craft project idea. It was highly impulsive and has sat in my office/room of clutter, for the entire month. So, a couple of days ago I went to return some of the items, of course I couldn't find the receipt, and the items are now a 1/3 of the cost that I paid. So, they were welcomed back into my home and are currently residing in the mud room area. Shake it off Nicole, these are trivial things.

Cest la vie.

Believe it or not, I feel a little better already.

More trivial things...

We FINALLY had our air ducts/vents/everything cleaned on Monday. This was on the do before Georgiana was born to do list, but it somehow was forgotten, sort of like last weeks milk. Anyway, aside from the fact that I was naive enough to believe that it really would only be the $39.99 as advertised on the valpak coupon, $186 and one broken shelf later (thank you Sergio), we are actually super happy with the results. Who knew our air intake vents made noise and turned on throughout the day? Not us. And, Georgie thinks the curtains blowing in the air are amazing, her ooo's and aw's make it so worth it. Plus, talk about breathing in nastiness! We can honestly tell a difference, and I promised Sergio I would never let it go this long. He threw in some air purification solution "for the Georgie."

Lastly, yesterday I took Georgiana to story time at the library. Oh my goodness, she had a blast! My friend Kea brought her two boys too, and we were beyond impressed. It was songs, bouncing games, toys, an adorable book read aloud, and basically the cutest little play group setting. For Free! I am excited to take her again!


Our growing family said...

love your randomness!
I do forgetful things like that too and then beat myself up for it when it really was nothing also!
I always wished we could enjoy story time...keaton wouldn't ever sit for stuff like that...now that he is reading on his own he actually will sit still for long periods of time-love it!!
miss you!

Charity said...

Cute pics!
If it makes you feel any better, I left out a pound of cheese overnight not knowing it was in a grocery bag. It made me soo sad to throw all that cheese out.