10 May 2011

1st Official Mother's Day!

I cannot believe I didn't take more (or any!) pictures. But, I had a wonderful Mother's Day. We kicked the day off by going out to breakfast, I ate and ate and ate. Georgie was a little doll and kept herself entertained by sprinkling cheerios all over the floor. I'm starting to think I should bring a vacuum out with me, or at least a broom!
Speaking of vacuums...
We bought a dyson this weekend too! I LOVE it, seriously L-O-V-E it. Our old vacuum wasn't doing much, and with Georgie crawling all around we were really starting to notice just how badly we needed a new one. We bought ours from Target, it was on sale and the price was better than Costco, which is rare but awesome. Just brace yourself to be horrified by the amount of dust it will suck up. Seriously, I was soooo grossed out.
Back to Mother's Day. After breakfast we headed to church, where we ended up hanging out in the parking lot while Georgiana napped. I just didn't have the heart to wake her up, so once we realized that we were missing church, we headed to Legendary Doughnuts. Where, miracle of all miracles I didn't buy one for myself! Shocking I know. We bought some doughnuts and gift cards for Mother's Day treats, and the owner was so sweet to box them up individually and tie them with ribbon. I should of at least taken a picture of those!
After a relaxing afternoon at home. And checking out my new vegetable garden boxes Kelly built me for Mother's Day, we headed to my grandparents for a delicious steak dinner.
One stop by Kelly's work and it was off to home for Georgie to get to bed and Kelly and I to watch our new obsession...
Shark Tank. Have you seen it? It is the only show that Kelly and I feel smarter after watching :)
My pumpkin bread just beeped at me, off I go!
I hope you enjoyed Mother's Day too!


Annie Mae said...

Ok seriously! I know what it means to LOVE your vaccuum. I bought a bisel 2 years ago and we have quite a happy relationships :)

Our growing family said...

Congrats on your first moms day!
sounds like it was wonderful!
now I want donuts...and pumpkin bread. What are you doing to me???!!! =)