30 June 2011

First Birthday Pics 06.09.2011

I think I may have already blogged about Georgiana's actual birthday, but I just uploaded a million and one ironman pics and found these cutie patootie pics. So, I thought I would share...

We took Georgie to Red Robin for lunch on her birthday. She doesn't look too excited in the above picture, but as you can tell from below, she was pretty pumped about the experience :)
Mmmm, a garden burger patty (the entire thing!), sweet potato fries and cantaloupe.

Then, we were off to the Seattle Aquarium.

After the aquarium mommy & daddy needed/wanted some ice cream.

Georgie kicked back and enjoyed people watching. This is a standard position for her in her stroller, sans shoes and all:

We attempted many self portrait family photos, it's just a little difficult, but at least all of our heads made it into this one!

Such a fun family day!

We'll say Georgie is holding up the #1 because it was her first birthday :)

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Me... said...

what a fun birthday!
We were actually in Seattle that day also, we boated in and walked around, we even walked into the aquarium to grab something from the gift shop, that would have so funny if we ran into you. Glad you had fun :)