05 June 2011

Same city, same dress, different Saturday.

I found this dress at Tarjay (Target) a little while ago, and it has quickly become a fav! I decided I don't care if I am wearing it in picture after picture, it is just really nice to not have to put an outfit together, I may have even wore it to church today :)

A couple of weekends ago, we headed up to Seattle with our good friends Brian and Kea. The date had been marked on our calendars for over a month, and it was definitely worth the wait! We ate at Ipanema's, the Brazilian restaurant I blogged about a couple of months ago for my aunt and uncle's anniversary. The food was as tasty if not better than I remembered, and although I missed my sweet Georgie girl, I noticed that I was able to eat a lot more not walking around with her. I was thankful for my elastic leggings :)

After Ipanema's, we headed to Pike Place Market to pick up some flowers. Seriously, they always always have the prettiest flowers at the best price! We also shared some little doughnuts... We were soooo full, but no one else had ever had the fresh little doughnuts, so I twisted their arms and we all had a couple (they're tiny). When looking at the fish throwing stand at the market, go around the corner to your left, and there you will find the tastiest mini doughnuts ever.

Then, we headed to pick up sweet Georgiana. She had an absolute blast with my Aunt Michelle and Uncle Roger! She fell asleep in my aunt's arms while reading books, oh how I love that precious girl.

We ate a little more, is this post starting to remind you of the Very Hungry Caterpillar book, by the end of the day I did feel like the caterpillar on the page where he is bloated like nobodies business... Anyway, my aunt made the Strawberry Pretzel dessert from Kelly's Korner's blog (link on right). It was one of her show us your life Friday posts, had I not been so full from lunch I too may have been able to eat the whole pan (that's what Kelly of Kelly's Korner says about it).


I'm off to work on some party details for my almost ONE year old! Craziness. Simply crazy fast.

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Our growing family said...

you look gorgeous! I do the same thing! I have a few "go to" outfits that I enjoy! I don't know how many pics I have of me in my brown jacket! It isn't even the most flattering color on me, but it's one of my favorite colors, so it makes me happy!
Yep...can't believe she is almost one! I've been crafting a little tiny something to send to her, but I'm not finished! Hopefully I'll get it in the mail soon!
Have fun planning!!!!