10 August 2011

Summer Weekend

Only two pics because blogger is being a pill, taking FOREVER, and only uploading one by one. Sorry, blogger and I just don't always get along. But, enough negative nelly. On to the post!

Summer, rain and shine, continues to be busy busy!

This past weekend was filled to the brim with fun...

SWAT call out 15 minutes before Kelly's alarm was supposed to go off for he and Ashley's half marathon.

Kelly barely making it in time to throw on his running bib.

Georgiana clapping and cheering on the runners (her sign said her signature yell, "Yay Dad!")

Ashley kicking some serious butt on the run!

Brunch with family.

The Renaissance Faire (Georgie becoming Lady Georgiana!)

Getting up to get ready for church and instead planning an extremely last minute trip to Ocean Shores.

Georgie and Kelly running through hundreds of seagulls.

Georgie sleeping like a champ while Kelly and I ate vending machine ice cream treats and day dreamed about future adventures.

Driving through the cute little town of Seabrook.

Lots of giggles and chatter by little Georgiana.

BBQ pizzas and finishing up our Love & Respect Bible study.

Laughing like crazy and thinking... is this really just root beer?

Tuesday, Georgiana and I headed to the Tacoma Children's Museum with my friend Kea and her two boys. I checked out a pass to the museum from the library and we all got in for free! As for Kelly, he returned to work and the fun ended. He injured his knee in training. We are awaiting the final verdict, but for now he is on light duty. We are praying for a quick recovery!

We also returned to our vegetable garden boxes filled to the brim with not one, but two extremely poisonous weeds. The Noxious Weed Chairman (yes, each county has one, who knew!?!) referred me to the Master Gardner's, who then referred me to Poison Control. Each person "doubted" that the vegetables would be dangerous to eat. The Poison Control employee advised that I dig out at least a 3-4" radius around the Poisonous Hemlock to ensure that nothing we eat has come into contact with it. Considering he informed me that that weed is responsible for the death of two hikers, we thought it best to not play Russian Roulette with our dinner plate, so both boxes are being emptied completely. The words doubt and fatal just weren't sitting well with us.

Let's see... what else?

Georgiana is continuing to transition to one nap, she is handling it like a champ. She's been quite the little helper, loves to sweep, wash her hands and love love loves to be outside. I am obsessed with Hershey's chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers, and I am also quickly becoming addicted to my new Norwex cleaning products.

The Renaissance Faire pictures are on Kelly's camera and he is currently out picking up a craigslist find for Georgiana (a slide/gym combo), so I will have to leave you in suspense! I will say, it surpassed all of my expectations, and the Smith family plans on making it a tradition. Turkey legs and all. Hands down, best people watching ever. Not every day do you get to watch a man dressed like he is straight off the set of Narnia wander around a field for no particular reason. Oh America, I love you.

Also, just fyi...

Apparently it is Fall.

We returned from the ocean to find one of our trees has dropped it's leaves. Yep, it's August 10th and Georgiana and I were out crunching leaves this evening. Cest la vie.

ps - my cousin tie dyed her own shirt. it is one of her many creations. i'm quite impressed.

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