01 September 2011

Hello old friend!

Oh blog, I've missed you. I am so amazed and baffled by the bloggers out there that can keep up with blogging and day to day life. I have a running list in my mind of things I would like to blog, but time escapes me! So, here is a tease:

10 Year High School Reunion

Renaissance Faire pics

Ocean Shores

Stained Teeth, Scary business I tell ya

Wine (not related to above)

Georgiana working

Lakeside Bible Camp x2

Craigslist, buy & sell

Sanding & staining tables etc (somewhat related to above)

Playing and outside, lots

Norwex, exciting!!

Kelly having knee surgery (today) yikes, but praise the Lord it went great!

Georgie girl talking up a storm in both her own language and English

Chasing puppies, chirping at birds and still trying my hardest to master the art of a clean home.

And laundry, don't get me started

Oh, and my first overnight (San Francisco with my super good friend Lindsey) away from my sweet little Honeybee (Georgiana).

I'm off to fill ice packs and fix myself a bite before my patient and my Georgie girl get up from their naps :)

ps - I have deleted the spaces between the lines three times, I give up!

1 comment:

Chris/ty said...

Great list. I am excited to hear more! Poor Kelly, hope he recovers super duper fast! We are praying for you guys.