13 September 2011

Recognize this little froggy...

I posted this on fb a few days ago, but I wanted to share this picture with my blogging friends. This picture is being borrowed from Amazon, link here.

From that link, just click on the right arrow a few times or click on 'view looks.'

Kelly and I both gasped with excitement when we saw our little Georgie girl on Amazon.com for the first time. We showed Georgiana and she wasn't too impressed, she probably thinks, yes mommy you posted another picture of me on your blog!

Kelly and I auditioned with Georgiana for the family picture (the first picture on the Amazon link page with dorothy, the pirate and little gnome). Georgie was too small for the costume, and I think Mommy and Daddy were not modely enough :) Honestly, I can say that taking Georgiana to photo shoots is a bazillion times more fun than any shoots I've done myself. Everyone on set just calls me "Mom," or "Georgiana's Mom," and I get to just enjoy watching Georgie girl do her thing! I'm pretty sure she thinks we are on playdates, she and the other kids play and play and enjoy snacks from craft services. One of my favorite moments was at her last photo shoot, the stylist was putting adorable little black patent leather dress shoes on her, Georgie was sitting on my lap and would lift up each foot one by one, first for socks, then shoes, and would clap for the stylist each time. Oh how I love my Georgie girl!!!

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Anonymous said...

That is the cutest frog I have ever seen. Love, Auntie Shell