02 October 2011

Fit Modeling

Georgiana was the fit model for the shoes above. I have decided that fit modeling is the best job in the world. That and being a food critic. Or travel/hotel reviewer, or or or... Anyway, I have decided that fit modeling is one of the best jobs you could have. You arrive on time, but do not have to be camera ready, you can wear whatever you want, it is super fast, so far everyone has been extremely nice, and all you have to do is try on the shoes or clothes. Let the kind designers make some notes, maybe snap some pics, and then you are on your way. It pays great, and sometimes you get a very special treat, ie you get to take home a sample pair of shoes. So, if you are the local women's shoe fit model for Nordstrom and your shoe size is 7.5 and you are looking for someone to fill in for you, I volunteer! But, I have a feeling whoever has that job is holding tight to it. I would.

Here's the link to the shoes (no picture of Georgiana, just the shoes, and yes they are baby boy shoes :)

PS - I am currently uploading pictures from Hawaii!!! Hopefully blogger wants to cooperate so I can share some with you. Kelly's camera is showing an error message "memory card error," and the pictures will not upload... we are going to take it to a camera shop tomorrow. I am hoping and praying that we can access the pictures, thankfully we took a few (around 200) with my giant camera.

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