20 October 2011

Taye's 6th Birthday Party!

I apologize, but I am going to be negative nelly for a moment:

Does blogger ever where you out? Or make you want to pull out your hair!?! It seems that with each post, the pictures are taking longer and longer and longer to upload. So, facebook got the majority of the pics today, but I at least had to share the above ones on the blog because they are just too cute not to share! But, I'm of course not biased at all :)

My nephew Taye turned six this past weekend, 6, that is craziness! I love him to pieces, he is super creative, even his birthday wish list was creative... I mean, how many 6 year olds do you know ask for a metal detector for their birthday!?! You know, to find treasures on the beach, or quarters your Aunt Michelle may have planted outside. He also asked for a 'meat plant,' aka Venus Flytrap. Love him.

And the babies... Oh my sweet babies. Yes, only one of the 'triplets' is actually my sweet baby, but I think of them as my sweet babies, really I should say my sweet toddlers. They played and played and played. Poor Ryder was chased and tackled by Georgie over and over again. Thankfully, he didn't seem to mind too much. My sister thinks Hana was quite pleased to have someone else run around with the boys in her place. Hana much enjoyed cuddling with her grandma and playing with the pup, she's like a living doll I tell you, I could just kiss her cheeks off... But, I don't think she would like that much. She would crack you up if you could see her facial expressions, she let's you know if you are getting to close, ha! I always tell her that someday she can come to my house for girls weekends, I cannot wait!

ps - I can't get the huge spaces to go away. Cest la vie.

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Christie said...

Before I switched to Wordpress, I started using Flickr to put my pictures on the blog. MUCH faster (in the long run) and better quality. I'd definitely recommend looking into it :)

Georgie is adorable as always! I love seeing all her sweet pics :)