11 October 2011

Well Hello Blogworld!

It seems that in this season of life, I just need to realize that I am not going to be blogging as much as I would like. And... that's okay! I need to remember that that is okay. That it is good, wonderful in fact, to be distracted by many non internet things. Such as BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), selling Norwex products, planning a baby shower for twin boys, snuggling my little Georgiana Lee who is growing like a weed!!! Watching The Office and Modern Family with Kelly, pausing it to talk about random things and rewinding to laugh at Phil Dunphy over and over again. Cooking and trying to figure out how in the world I clogged my garbage disposal and how in the world am I going to keep the sink from overflowing, heads up... when the sink is clogged, do NOT run the dishwasher. Your water may climb dangerously high and not go back down. In Georgie's words "uh oh."

I've been told over and over again by older women, to "enjoy" Georgiana. I've been advised not to wish past these years, to embrace the diaper changes, the rocking and all the messes. I really feel like I am, and she makes it so easy to enjoy her. As my Grandma would say, "she is personality plus!" Today she was really into rocking her baby dolls, helping them go "nigh nigh." One of her baby's has a pacifier and she is always very concerned that baby has her "nah nah." Yep, that's Georgie's word for paci, it came about mostly because Georgie mainly gets her paci at night time, night and nah... Anyway, another sweet moment was while I was cooking dinner, Georgie pulled her chair into the kitchen (smiled when I asked her to "smile for the camera"). She's been pulling it wherever I am and just sits and reads and chats. Adorable. When I put the cornbread in the oven, I told her it was "hot." She waited until I shut the oven door and then she walked over to the oven, told me "hot hot," and then began to blow on the oven. Like she would if her food was anything warmer than room temp, she likes to cool off her food if it is "hot hot."

In addition to enjoying my sweet girl, I also had the opportunity to enjoy some big girl, girl time with my good friend Kea. (Whenever I get anxious about leaving Georgiana, Kelly practically kicks me out the door (lovingly of course) but he always reminds me that this is how he gets to bond with Georgiana, and they both LOVE their time together!) Last weekend, we ventured to Portland, OR. We ate our way through the city and shopped till we dropped! I asked for restaurant recommendations on facebook, and that turned out to be the best idea ever! We kicked off Friday lunch at Mother's Bistro (my favorite meal all weekend). The atmosphere was Paula Deen meets boutique style chandelier totally cute place to dine. I had the crab cake sandwich, yum. Love me some shellfish. We hit the Portland City Grill for happy hour. The happy hour was packed, but not too bad, just full enough that it was a really fun atmosphere. Live piano, great view unless you were at one of the only two tables in the bar next to a small brick wall (arrive earlier than 6:00 pm so you have a view, we were by the bricks, but it was still great). After that, we headed to The Melting Pot for dessert. I always like to get the plain milk chocolate. I've had others, but the plain is the best to me, just pure deliciousness.

Saturday morning we tried to go to Pine State Biscuits. The pictures of the food seriously made my mouth water, but the line was wrapped around the building, you could tell that it had been featured on Diners Dives and Drive Thrus (or whatever that show is called :). Anyway, we were too hungry to wait, but we stumbled upon a gem called Roost. I am still craving the homemade garlic toast and thick bacon. Soooo good.

In between eating, we shopped. Because, when you come from a 9.3% tax area and are in a tax free area, it's just what you do. I found two pairs of flats at Ross. Ross smelled a lot like a thrift store, but it was worth it because I paid less for two pairs of shoes than I would have for one shoe elsewhere. Now, I'm about to talk about undergarments, so if that weirds you out, please stop reading, you've been warned........

Have you ever had a bra fitting at Nordstrom? If your answer is no, I highly highly highly recommend it. I had a fitting at Victoria Secret and it was... not accurate. I was so convinced that it was off, that I popped into the lingerie section at Nordstrom, and it turned out to be one of the highlights of my weekend. Silly I know. Maybe you are already enjoying comfortable brassieres, so comfy that you don't even notice you are wearing one. I learned that VS has their own method of sizing, and own bra sizes, independent of everyone else. Interesting.

Needless to say, I bought some comfys and am thrilled.

We checked out of our hotel (The Nines, perfect location for walking to restaurants and shopping!) and headed to the country. We were on a mission to wish Matt Roloff Happy Birthday. Mission accomplished! This was Kea's first trip to the Roloff farm, and we managed to get her picture with all of the siblings (except for Jacob), and we saw all of the family (including the grandparents), except for Amy who was not there... Sad. I seriously prayed that the Roloff family would not go down the Jon & Kate route. Anyway, before I start spreading rumors I better spell check this bad boy and head to bed!
ps if there are really large spaces between paragraphs I apologize, it's a technical difficulty.

pps we accidentally marched for a block in an anti war protest, it is more of an in person story to tell

One more thought, Kelly and Georgie ventured out a lot the two days I was gone. They went to the library story time, had playdates with Kea's husband and her boys, did a little shopping, went to an indoor jumping place and went on a date to Cabella's. They had a great time until Georgiana went Hansel and Gretel and started throwing her crackers all over the store. Oh dear...

And, apparently the hotel thought it was our anniversary. As you can imagine, Kea and I got many jokes out of that.

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Robica said...

I can't help but notice your dining choices were the sames ones I recommended on FB. :) Probably just coincidence but still made me smile. Glad you had fun trip.