20 November 2011

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I thought I should get some pictures of Halloween up before Thanksgiving comes and goes! We have had a busy Fall, filled with lots of laughs and playing. Right now we are a bit under the weather, but I am hopeful that we are on the mend. It has been a nasty cold, hitting us each like dominoes. But, hopefully we will be all rested up to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Georgiana is a full on toddler. We still call her our baby girl, and sometimes I think we always will, but she is definitely moving and chatting like a little girl.

She LOVES to climb and is faster than you could ever imagine.

Her new little favorite reading spot is to cozy up on the end table. (A table I meant to blog about, but that post got pushed so low on the priority list I forgot about it until now. The table was a $5.00 garage sale find this summer, it was old, a funky brown color, but it was just what I was looking for. A little sanding, paint and new hardware and I was quite happy with it!).

Another favorite spot is her toilet.

Please notice she is fully clothed and visiting with Kelly (who thankfully is also fully clothed). She is quite obsessed with this potty seat or "biper" aka diaper as she refers to it. But, she only likes it if Mommy or Daddy will stay and visit with her. Sometimes she tells me "biper biper" and points to her potty. She will sit without a diaper for quite sometime and then be "ah dun" or all done. I will put a diaper on her and then almost immediately she will drop a little poo, so she is slowly getting the idea... She is sporting a little "Lifeguard" sweatsuit from Seaside, OR.

She got that as a souvenir last month when she and I went to Seaside with my grandparents and Aunt Michelle. It was a fun and restful trip. We walked around the little shops, ate out, ate in, looked out at the ocean, and cheered on square dancers from our balcony. Georgiana was quite convinced the 'caller' was her daddy. Oh dear.

We have had just a small dusting and rapid melting of snow. But, boy oh boy has it been getting cold! Here Georgiana is all bundled to go 'a sigh" or outside and go down her "weeee!" aka slide, and she will tell you all about (with hand motions) how it is "burrrr" outside.

In the picture below she is sporting her North Face gear. I only mention it because my aunt introduced me to a website that I want to pass along to the blog world. She has used and recommends moosejaw.com, for some unknown reason I couldn't get that site to pull up, so I ordered from http://www.departmentofgoods.com/. Both sites carry last years colors, including last years black... Anyway, the clothes are legitimate and not knockoffs and are on average 50% off! I also got free shipping, I ordered on a Tuesday evening and it was on my doorstep Thursday afternoon. Just a good site to tuck away or make a favorite.
Not only is Georgiana a climber. But, she also is a tippy toer. Which makes her able to reach doorknobs. Keeping us on our toes!

And now, Halloween. Georgiana was a little pumpkin!

She thoroughly enjoyed being outside with all of the kids. She was on a mission!

We had our good friends Brian & Kea and their two boys, Brody & Sawyer over for chili and pumpkin cream sandwiches. The kids were so cute answering the door, I think that may have been Georgie's favorite part. At first, she thought Gaga and Papa were ringing the doorbell, but then she started realizing that it was kids every time. She was a great little helper and would put candy in their bags. I don't think she had any idea what she was handing them :)

I did a terrible job taking pictures in Seaside. But, I did snap this one of Georgie visiting with Grandma and Papa. We all got a kick out of how much she embraced the chill atmosphere. She sat in that chair with a Readers Digest (I kid you not!), and would read and relax for a long time. She was actively searching for "woof woofs," and we were all quite surprised to see just how many puppies one can find in a little periodical.

All Georgiana needs is a Readers Digest and a long hallway to run up and down with, with "Gaga," aka Auntie Shell. While in Seaside, Georgiana decided that Grandma, Papa and Auntie Shell should all be named "Gaga." Papa has returned to Papa, but for now Auntie Shell is Gaga, Uncle Roger is somewhere between Gaga and a Punjabi name I am not quite sure how to write out.

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Stefanie said...

She's adorable as always!! We love Moosejaw.com!