11 November 2011

Two Sweet!

I cannot get rid of the giant spaces between every line (you'll see after the pics), sorry...

The after party!

Last month I had the pleasure of co-hosting (with Lindsey) a baby shower for our sweet dear friend Jessica and her twin boys!! Identical twin boys arriving sometime in the New Year! We chose lime green, and two blues for the shower colors, Lindsey designed seriously adorable argyle invitations, which I would happily share a picture of except Legendary Doughnuts kept mine. We served brunch, which naturally included doughnuts in the coordinating colors :) The shower ran perfectly and my only complaint (not even a real one!) is that I didn't get to wear what I planned on wearing. How vain is that, it wasn't even my shower, so I shouldn't even care... But, less than 30 minutes before the shower was starting Lindsey and I bolted upstairs to throw on our party attire and when I pulled my red tunic dress with slightly ruffled sleeves out of the dryer, I discovered that it had a giant mystery grease stain all over the front! For normal people, with clean organized bedrooms, this would only be a hiccup... But, although the rest of my house was sparkling clean for the shower, my room most definitely was not. Which resulted in a panic. Lindsey suggested my go to dress, which thankfully was not wrinkled and ready to wear. Phew. And, most thankfully the rest of the day went perfectly.

My favorite part of any party is the unofficial after party. The close friends that you hope linger around after most of the guests leave, so you can nibble directly out of the serving dishes, take a closer look at all of the goodies and gab on the couch with your feet up. I feel pretty spoiled to have such an amazing group of girls to get to gab with.

Thanks for a wonderful day ladies!


And now, a few nuts & bolts. Because, when I read a party post I enjoy this info :)

The Menu:

- My Aunt Michelle's Potatoes (We went thru two 9x12 dishes of these, they are amazing!! And, fat free, just kidding ;) Hope you don't mind a little butter:


Ingredients: 32oz hashbrown potatoes, 1 can of cream of chicken, 8oz sour cream, 1/2 C butter, 6oz shredded cheese.

Topping: 2C crushed cornflakes, 1/2 C butter.

Combine all ingredients and put in 9x12 dish, sprinkle with 2C crushed cornflakes & 1/2 C butter. Bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes.

- Fruit Salsa (a recipe from Kelly's Korner's blog) served with cinnamon graham crackers (This was bomb dot com and I definitely plan on making it again!!)

- Costco Quiche (It was good, but not amazing, it saved me time, which I needed, but I think I will look for a make ahead recipe next time)

- Bagel Thins & Cream Cheese (Strawberry & Vegetable)


Legendary Doughnuts

Chocolate Fondue with bananas, pretzel rods & marshmallows.


Coffee, OJ, Water w/Lemon


Drink 4oz of juice out of a bottle. A LOT more difficult than it sounds, and entertaining!

Prize: Starbucks Gift Card


Green & Blue candy dipped Double (for twins of course!) stuffed oreos wrapped in clear boxes... which reminds me, I need to ask Lindsey where she bought those?


-Diaper Raffle, this is the greatest way to start stocking up on diapers. It is totally optional, but each person is invited to bring a package of diapers, any size/any quantity and then they write their name down and are entered into a drawing for a prize, ours again was a Starbucks gift card, because you really can't go wrong with that :)

-Lindsey cut 4x6 pieces of blue & green paper and everyone wrote down advice, encouragement or a tradition that they enjoyed growing up. They then fit in a little photo album.

I cannot wait to snuggle those two babies!!

And, it goes without saying, but isn't Jessica a knockout... She's too cute!


Our growing family said...

She does look amazing! And, I just LOVE the pictures of you gals! The coffee one is adorable! Love it! I'm so excited for her and her babies!
I love how you put the menu up! Great idea!
I feel you on the dress thing...I totally imagine and picture details and then something like that can throw me off...PTL for Lindsey! =) Good friends are a blessing! =)

kelsy said...

Loved reading all the details!... even though I don't know Jessica. :) I'm going to try the potatoes and fruit salsa. I really need some fresh recipes!
Also, here's how I fix the spaces on the blog... I'll explain it here, but you can always give me a call when you're sitting down to blog!
1. To the top, right of your current blog's text box is an "Edit Html" tab (next to "Compose" tab). Click that tab and you'll see a whole bunch of jibberish html coding.
2. Scroll through and anywhere that you see "a>" followed by a big blank space...delete those spaces.
3. Don't delete any text (jibberish) or it will get really mad at you and won't post!
4. Click on the "Compose" tab and return to how the blog usually looks when blogging.
Maybe someone else knows an easier way, but this will give you a start. I've heard other blog sites give much less grief then Blogger but have been too lazy to pick one and switch over myself. Give me a call if it's still not working! Sorry about the super long comment!!

Our Huckleberry Boys said...

THANK YOU!!! I'm so blessed to be pregnant with twin boys and to have such amazing friends and to have had the most beautiful shower in the world! The day was PERFECT and DELICIOUS and I am soooooo happy!!! (P.S. I look at my wall of diapers all the time and am very thankful!).